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TheProjects % > ' ; } < / script>. When debugging I have noticed that myData receives the values, but I still get an runtime error : " Microsoft JScript runtime error:. kendoValidator( ). data( " kendoValidator" ) ( { rules: { checkPersonContactInfo: function ( input) { if ( intakeView. A trailing comma in JavaScript object literals is valid since the ECMAScript 5 specification and so it is valid in the. Scripts/ jquery- ui- 1. 0x800a138f - Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object expected. I look inside the JQuery- ui- 1. js file and I find this code; _ search: function( value ) { this. pending+ + ; this. addClass( " ui- autocomplete- loading" ) ;. I' m trying to loop through out the list of items in a collection and compare each item if email address of item to be added on the collection already exist but I got run time error " JavaScript runtime error: Function expected". Please anyone help. This line required: false). indicates that the error is happening when loading the scripts on the view being rendered inside of the _ Layout Master Page.

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    Function expected runtime

    Search for this on your View : Scripts. The browser is probably handling this error silently after you cancel the dialog box, but underneath it is still dealing with the error. You should remove the messages section if you have nothing to add there, or create your. There was an data error while parsing. Not Lat or Lng was set at some data. Oh boy, I love these kind of questions, mostly because I get to do some research and example code! : ) So, first off, let' s explain what' s going on with your code. There is nothing technically wrong with your code,. This has a similar cause to this one: knockout. js Computed observable called twice in Internet Explorer and is caused by the fact that in IE< 10, Knockout has some special code to deal with getting an autocomplete value w those Autocomplete textbox are lost its JQuery reference on each Postback hence i need to rebind those. < script type= " text/ javascript" > $ ( function ( ) / / Object Expected Error here { initializer( ) ; } ) ; var prmInstance = Sys.