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here is my trial and its not working. please help on error handling in mysql. mysql> DELIMITER / / mysql> CREATE TRIGGER. I found a hack via DECLARE CONTINUE HANDLER and GET DIAGNOSTICS CONDITION, so just thought, I must share it here. Here' s my complete final script which keeps backup ( sync) for both databases users table what it means is cause this comes up in the top of my search for MySQL error handling in triggers, I thought I' d share my. Alternatively, and probably simpler still, within your trigger, declare an exit handler and resignal the exception. SIGNAL provides error information to a handler, to an outer portion of the application, or to the client. mysql> SIGNAL SQLSTATE ' 77777' ; mysql> CREATE TRIGGER t_ bi BEFORE INSERT ON t - > FOR EACH ROW SIGNAL SQLSTATE. 5, you can use the SIGNAL syntax to throw an exception:. delimiter / / use test/ / create table trigger_ test ( id int not null ) / / drop trigger if exists trg_ trigger_ test_ ins / / create trigger trg_ trigger_ test_ ins before insert. thi is my trigger for show error handling : DELIMITTER / / CREATE TRIGGER NOTA_ PENJUALAN_ INS BEFORE INSERT ON nota_ penjualan FOR EACH ROW BEGIN DECLARE VDATE DATETIME; If ( NEW. MySQL introduced the SIGNAL and RESIGNAL statements in version 5. 5 to raise your own error conditions from stored procedures, triggers, and events. Rob Gravelle demonstrates how to utilize MySQL 5. 1 you need to resort to some trickery to make a trigger fail and deliver a meaningful error message.

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    Trigger error mysql

    The MySQL Stored Procedure FAQ says this about error handling: SP 11. Do SPs have a “ raise”. There is no special mechanism in MySQL. But try these work arounds: Set signal state 01000, and then check result of SHOW WARNINGS query. Use UDF function to run a code from shared library. Find examples in. My method for simulating raising an error in a trigger is to DECLARE an integer variable and store a string in it. the database error message or have the query quietly fail leaving the calling code to handle the failed query.